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About inVisium


inVisium is an innovative IT platform based on a complex system comprising three units:

  • inVisium MED - supporting the medical diagnosis for physicians
  • inVisium ARCH - secure and solid remote archive of radiological images
  • inVisium EDU - education platform for students of medical universities

inVisium is a flexible system developed in cooperation with phisicians and researchers from technical universities developed on the basis of their experience which facilitates
and accelerates the work of physicians and specialists.

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Thanks to inVisium, every phisician entitled to use the platform can easily and quickly search for a medical case that interests them. Apart from useful descriptions, users can easily exchange information with other specialists using inVisium.

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System implementation takes little time and does not require any additional equipment
or employees.

Additionally, we are happy to inform that inVisium was the finalist and representative of Poland during the World Summit Award.

In order to get access to inVisium, please contact our sales department.

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