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The Ives Company


The Ives company was founded
in 2009.
From the very beginning our mission was to create innovative solutions in the field of medicine.

We are a professional team that creates solutions which answer the needs
of physicians and specialists connected with image diagnosis. We cooperate with the medical community and researchers from technical universities.

Our team consists of graduates of the best Polish and foreign universities.
We constantly develop our skills through various trainings and conferences relating to our line of business.

We keep on following the new trends in the IT and e-health branch around the world.
The members
of our team are developers with technical experience as well as education related to IT
in medicine.

We are distinguished by the following features:

  • Innovative way of problem solving
  • Cooperation with researches and phisicians
  • Professional competence in IT within medical branch
  • Sensitivity to the needs of our clients

We take advantage of various technical and medical standards in our everyday work.
We adjust our offer to the individual needs of our users. We keep abreast of learning
and consulting the needs of our clients. Therefore, we are able to conform to the requirements
of the most demanding clients, who need advanced tools for their work.

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